Our Vision: Cleaner Public Spaces

TiksPac UK: Keeping Your Community Clean

TiksPac is an international company with a market-leading concept within Europe for clean public spaces.

Survey results show 60% cleaner with TiksPac

Tikspac stations dispense 100% biodegradable environmental bags. Available to land owners, Councils, Parish Councils, Sports Clubs, Caravan and Holiday Parks, Beach and Sea font promenades.  Anywhere where dog walkers go – TiksPac Stations add value.

Stations also offer exceptional Community Signposting opportunities or Sponsorship space for OoH advertising  in unique locations and 100% dog centric target market.

The TiksCan is an innovative Dog Waste Only 40 litre bin, we have developed the world’s best dog waste bin. .

Together we help to create a cleaner planet!

For Councils

In alignment with the UK Government Green space, mental wellbeing and sustainable communities initiative TiksPac can support councils with stations and 100% biodegradable dog waste bags. Together with local company support and thankful residents, we can maintain urban green space and improve the public’s health..

For Companies

If your company is involved in CSR or Environmental aspect of reducing single use plastic, you can sponsor stations in specific demographic areas or rent or buy our products. Whichever, it will be 60% cleaner!

For Dog Owners

Here you can get information about our bags and how you can get involved to reduce single use plastic and have a direct impact on the community that you live in. You also have the opportunity to influence your council to get involved.


Local Authorities


Million Environmental Bags Per Year!

Strengthen Your Brand!

Let your brand be part of cleaning up the environment by sponsoring Tikspac stations.

Environmentally Focused

TiksPac partners with organisations that work to bring about a cleaner environment.

TiksPac Products

TiksPac stations with FREE dog waste bags help provide for a cleaner environment

Do Your Part!

9 out of 10 dog owners clean up after their dog. Are you the one who doesn’t?

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