Our Vision: Cleaner Public Spaces

TiksPac is an international company with a market-leading concept within Europe for clean public spaces.

TiksPac wants to bring about the kind of involvement which will help all of us create a cleaner environment in a sustainable society. Everyone can be involved and everyone can contribute.

With the TiksPac concept, TiksPac wants to work with local and international companies to achieve clean public spaces.

TiksPac develops new markets by partnering organisations that work to bring about a cleaner environment.

TiksPac should be seen by its partners as both cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and as having the market’s foremost technical environmental concept for clean public spaces.

On the basis of organic growth and acquisitions, service and distribution are to be systematically developed within Europe. The intention is for TiksPac to be seen as the natural choice.

TiksPac is based on a flexible organisation which adapts itself dynamically to the needs of the market. It is characterised by open, clear and decisive leadership.

TiksPac operates in 5 countries

with over 7000 stations

and over 4000 affiliated companies!

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