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60% cleaner with TiksPac

TiksPac’s concept is stations with degradable dog bags that helps focus on cleaner streets, providing a greener place to live, work and visit for all residents..  

Environmental Crime is a nationwide threat to the conservation effort, and it requires collaborative working to tackle this threat. Tikspac is a flexible and co-operative organisation and is a great idea to collaborate with if you want to see reductions in dog fouling.

Ashfield District Council feedback: 

  • What was the reason for choosing Tikspac?

One of Ashfield District Councils focuses on is keeping its streets a cleaner and greener place to live, work and visit for all its residents. Ashfield achieves this through multiple means, by having a scoped out and organised street cleansing and grounds maintenance schedule,  but to also be innovative and work together with other organisations. The reputation and integrity of TIkspac is well known in its efforts to create cleaner public spaces, so it was a fantastic idea to collaborate and work alongside this company.

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