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We want to be where you are! Do you want our stations and environmental bags or our cool dog bin in your area? The best way is to send us an enquiry and we will follow up.

If your council does not offer this service , please fill out our form here! Write your name, which council you live in and possibly a comment or two about locations and issues in your area.

Together we can keep your communiity clean!

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Your best friend

Tikspac know that we share the same passion for our dogs and our environment.  The users of the Tikspac stations and the dog owners that buy responsibly and use 100% fully compostable and biodegradable dog waste bags care. 

As a company we want to make a difference, we want to share our passion for the communities that we live in and in turn protect our environment.  Reducing single use plastic with a simple but essential dog walk is a small step towards a big problem.

Keep your area clean, lead the way and take the step towards doing the right thing.

Tikspac bags are available to buy – check out our shop to get your stock!



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