FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Are you selling dogbags?

We sell media sites to local companies in local councils. The result of this is that residents get to share their generosity!

What do the bags contain?

Our bags are made of starch (corn / potato), vegetable oil (rapeseed / sunflower oil) and a compostable polyester from thistles, which is biodegradable.

The dogbag bags meet the requirements of EN 13432, are biodegradable and compostable without causing damage to the final product which may be bio-fertilizer or compost (no microplastics).

Is Compostable Polyester Plastic?

The compostable polyester is made from thistles and is renewable. See film with examples of how the production is done on this link (English).

Manufacture of compostable polyester

Is it ok to throw these degradable bags in the wild?

Our bags are compostable, which means that with time (3-18 months) they disappear completely in nature without leaving harmful residues. Thus, it is not said that they should be thrown into nature. Our bags are to be considered as garbage and should of course be put in garbage bins so animals will not get bad if they happen to get them in or get stuck in them in some way. Even though a box of cardboard is broken down quickly in nature, we do not throw it in the forest. Common sense!

What colors can you get at the stations?

Black or Green. Of course, it is possible to get in other colors at an additional cost.

How long does it take for it to break down?

3-18 months are dependent on temperature / humidity and other parameters.

What does it give us / what do we get for this?

You contribute to the common well-being of residents of your municipality! You help the environment on the stack by replacing regular dog bags in regular plastic to TiksPac bags that are 100% biodegradable. You get a unique exposure in otherwise ad-free places on the municipality’s public walking paths.

Where are the stations located?

In strategic walking areas & parks selected by the municipality. For the location list contact your municipality.

Is there any placement list?

In most cases, a placement list can be obtained from TiksPac or the municipality. In our new app -DogPal- we will in future have all stations with GPS location.

What is TiksPac?

The TiksPac concept is an environmental concept where stations with free dog bags are placed in selected places such as walking paths, parks, bathing areas and other public places. There are two concepts: CSR that targets municipalities with local companies that sponsor, and RENT that targets property owners, campsites, hotels and the like.

Are there garbage bins adjacent to / near?

The municipality usually places the stations close to garbage can.

Can you buy the bags as a private person?

Absolutely! We have a reseller who sells our bags  here .

Why are there no stations in my area?

Location of the stations is an issue that the municipality can answer. If you want more stations in your municipality, you can leave a citizens’ proposal in most council areas!

The bags are always over, why?

That’s because they are so popular! The municipality gets free bags from TiksPac and will tell us when they are out so we can send new ones.

What do we do with stations that are destroyed

We will replace damaged stations free of charge.

We have ordered bags but not received any, why?

Most likely it is the human factor. The easiest way is if you go to  Order  and order according to the form.

Why can't you buy the stations?

Our stations are specially designed for the best functionality and our business concept is based on hiring our stations and our media plastics.

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