Litter Picking Stations

Encourage people to litter pick as they walk. 
This is a ‘nudge’ idea – we thought that it would be good to gently encourage people to be seen to do the right thing and take some time to care for their environment.

Litter is all around us, whether we actively look for it, or walk right past it, it is simply a problem that is mounting. Ignoring it wont make it go away and the local authorities are under mounting budget issues that keeping all spaces clean, all of the time is simply an impossible task.

So, based on the success of our Tikspac station design, we have created a version for litter picking. Gently pushing people in the right direction with custom color, shape and message.

Together with behavioral designers at the organization A Win Win World , we have developed a number of targeted “nudges” for different types of places.

Litter picking stations with free environmental bags make it easier for people to pick up and allow you to actively communicate with your community.

The business’s extended arm. 
According to a survey of Tikspac customers, on average it has become 60% cleaner around our stations. It’s really just simple psychology – where it’s clean, keep it clean. If you make it easier for people to keep clean, it will create a ripple effect and a positive change in attitude. In addition, the bags are biodegradable, in the event that a bag comes to rest.


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This Is Our Litter Picking Station

Inside the Litter Picking Station

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