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Inteview with Alanna McGill-Tagg from Rise Up Clean Up

This year Tikspac formed a partnership with community group Rise Up Clean Up based in Margate. Together, we are going to be launching TidyPac stations with free, dispensable litter bags, which encourage individuals to do their bit and clean their local environment. We...

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Case study: Branding on a council budget

Case study: Branding on a council budget According to research conducted by PRWeek, councils experienced an almost 10% drop in PR spending in the past 5 years. Marketing expenses are typically less of a priority in the public sector and a lack of funding for this area...

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Interview with freelance journalist, Sophie Benson

Hi Sophie, could please introduce yourself to our readers? I’m a freelance journalist working with a focus on sustainable fashion, the environment and consumerism. What was the initial trigger, which spurred your interest in sustainable fashion? I’ve always been...

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