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If you need new TiksPac stations, TiksCan or decals due to damage or other reasons, please contact us at 01925 593985 . Replacement items are free of charge.

Orders can only be made by municipalities / cities or companies that have agreements with TiksPac AB.

Have You Ordered Before?

Then you only need to fill in the name of the municipality / company and the number of articles in the form below. This option can only be used if the goods are to be sent to the same address as before.


Contact TiksPac if you have questions or want more information.

Private Person?

Individuals can order TiksPac’s dog bags via  our order form.

Tikspac UK Order Form

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Our Products & Accessories That Can Be Ordered

TiksPac Dog Bags

TiksCan Bags

Allen Key For Stations 

Mounting Kit

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