The TiksCan is uniquely designed so that nothing but used dog waste bags can fit through the slot on the enclosed bin. This means there is no risk of mixing dog waste with tin cans, bottles or other recyclable waste. Not only does it help keep outdoor areas cleaner, it also reduces unpleasant smells and complaints about soiled lids. Moreover, we are preventing plastic from entering our waterways by using a system that keeps dog waste bags where they belong – in the bin.

Environmental Stations

TiksPac’s forging signs offer free dog bags. 
The TiksPac station is placed in strategic locations. The station is managed by the municipality or the property nurse. The availability of free bags reminds the dog owners to pick up after their dogs and contributes to making it a 60% cleaner local environment.

Eco Bags

We place high demands on our suppliers regarding our products. We are constantly looking to choose the best material available on the market that meets our requirements for sustainability, quality and economy. We have chosen to use compostable dog bags as these are broken down over time if single bags come on resting paths. The degradation time is different depending on temperature, humidity and other biological parameters.

Strengthen Your Brand!

Let your brand be part of cleaning up the environment in your town or city. By having your logo displayed on the TiksPac stations, your brand will be associated with caring for the environment.

Many local authorities, cities, firms, property management companies and housing associations have already discovered this!

Our products work for a cleaner local environment

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