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“Within IKEA Centers we work strategically with a sustainability plan as it is extremely important for us to safeguard the environment from both an economic, social and environmentally friendly perspective. The advantages of supporting the TiksPac project are that we get an opportunity to contribute to a cleaner environment for the residents of the municipality. We care for families with children and animals, which means that it is important that dog owners choose to use TiksPacs bags. “

Maria R.Andersson

Centre Manager, IKEA Centre

“Agetur are delighted to be contributing to providing a cleaner, more pleasant and safer environment in Brackley where our Head Office is based.”

Rob Rexton

Chairman, Agetur UK Ltd Brackley

“The one we have goes down well with customers and we are looking forward to seeing them being put out in more parks.”

Gareth Parr

Owner, The Dog Barn

While most dog walkers realise the importance of picking up after their pets, there is a small minority who are giving others a bad name.

The new stations provide free bags for those pet owners that need encouragement to use them. They have proved extremely popular in our holiday park in the 2 years that we have been using them, so we are confident they will play a key role in keeping our site clear of dog mess.


Holiday Park

“Our TiksPac dispensing station is helping solve our issues with dog owners not clearing up after their dogs. In addition nearly 2 years on it is still looking good which is testament to its robust construction and functional design. It’s been a good investment, thanks TiksPac!”

Holme Valley

Camping & Caravan Park

“We are really pleased with our Tikspac Stations. The stations were really easy to install and have quality, durable, logoed stickers that everybody can see from a distance. They are simple to refill and knowing the bags are biodegradable and compostable is really important to us. Since having the stations and offering our guests free bags we have noticed the amount of dog waste has decreased dramatically.”

Karen Johnson

Park Manager, Applewood Countryside Park

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